Brazil Virtual Tour is evolving.

At Brazil Virtual Tour we keep transforming our services to the changing tourism landscape. keeps on adapting to the changing. We considered Virtual Tours the safest way for our guides to present their tours to our guests with the pandemic raging through our cities.

But as vaccination of the Carioca population is reaching higher levels, we decided to start offering "live streaming tours" where our guides will present the cities attractions life from the point of interest itself.

Of course, we are already offering private tours in case you want to start planning your actual trip to Rio de Janeiro, just check out our available offerings or get in touch to get a quote for a tour.

The Founders Brazil Virtual Tour

Travel is one of the best things in the world.
Gisela started in 2003 as a tour guide and Neyla in 2001. Since then they had the chance to show the beautiful city of Rio, where both live, to many, many costumers.
2020 is a different year. The Pandemic arrived and they needed to find a new way to work because no one was able to travel, no more costumers, so why not bring them the cities?


Together with other 2 colleagues, they decided to build this platform to stream live virtual tours with a tour guide, giving you also the chance to have all your questions answered. Is an opportunitive to give work to many tour guides in Brazil and maybe in the future to the world.
Is a new project, but we already offer tours in different cities and different languages. So, during the pandemic give us the chance to show you our country and after it, you are all very welcome to be our guests here in Brazil.

Get a little taste of the local culture and customs, ONLINE with a licensed tour guide.

The VIRTUAL TOURISM IN BRAZIL PORTAL is a website where we gathered the best tour guides in the country to provide a virtual guiding experience with a live presentation with pictures, videos and most importantly with our history. As long the Covid-19 pandemic caused an unexpected social distancing we saw an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and learn ways to adapt in the internet world.


Our purpose is to provide an innovative way of virtual interaction between tour guides from all over the country who aim at a cultural, economic and social exchange.


We want to innovate, explore and take advantage on current market trends, providing people a new way of interaction. There's a brand new world out there to be explored!


- Diversity
- Respect
- Professional ethics
- Team work
- Culture and History

Explore Brazil from the comfort of your home with our virtual live tours.

BVT from Home

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  • Choose the tour of your liking by clicking on the register button.
  • Follow the online instructions to fill out the attendee's form in the form, it's very easy, save and quick.
  • After registration we will confirm your registration. Closer to the tour date you will receive an email with all the instructions for your virtual experience.

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