Donations and Gratitudes

All our standard virtual tours are free of charge, and we work only with accredited official tour guides on our site. Offering these virtual tours for free is important to us and we want to keep doing this in the future. If you support this vision, you can always donate to help us keep this website running. Just click the “Paypal donation button” on the right and follow the online instructions.

If you have taken a virtual tour with one of our guides and you want to express your gratitude to the local guide, you can also send them a gratitude by clicking the “Paypal Donation button” on the right, there is an optional field: "leave a note" where you can mention the name of the guide you want to extend your gratitude too. These tips will be forwarded to your guide by Brazil Virtual Tour.

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If you would rather make a donation or express your gratitude to one off the guides by credit card, you can use our stripe system. We added a checkbox for the fund or guide you want to attribute your gratitude too, just check the box and select "Brazil Virtual Tour" for general donations to keep the site going, or select a specific guide to receive your gratitude from the drop down menu.