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The VIRTUAL TOURISM IN BRAZIL PORTAL is a website where we gathered the best tour guides in the country to provide a virtual guiding experience with a live presentation with pictures, videos and most importantly with our history. As long the Covid-19 pandemic caused an unexpected social distancing we saw an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and learn ways to adapt in the internet world.



  • Marcelo R.
    Marcelo R.

    Graduated in Tourism Management, I work in the Tourism, Hospitality, Events and Training market for 29 years.
    TourisT Guide active in the international and national market since 1990, leading groups of tourists in 3 languages in the city and state of Rio de Janeiro. As a Tour Leader I conduct groups to Foz do Iguaçu, Minas Gerais, Pantanal and Amazônia. Speaker on themes related to Tourism Hospitality, Tourism Infrastructure and Tourism Market. For 7 seven years I have trained people to be tourist guides in Tourism National Institution. In 2014, I created a small tourism consulting company where in my first job, I won the National Tourism Award 2019 in Community Basis Tourism.

    I love wild life, architecture, urbanism, culture and gastronomy!

    Let me show you amazing locations in the city and State of Rio!

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Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Morrinho Project

The Morrinho Project, installed in Pereira da Silva shantytown (Favela) in Rio south zone, was born to “challenge the popular perception of Brazilian shantytowns”, showing that the shantytown is a place of great cultural and social wealth, not just violence. The story began in 1997, when the Oliveira brothers (Cirlan and Maycon) began to reproduce the scenery of the Favelas using bricks, tiles and other recyclable materials. This action attracted the attention of other young boys and gave rise to a small scale model, measuring 50 square meters inside the Pereira da Silva Favela. Using carts, lego dolls and other objects, the inhabitants of the favela and all the details of the streets and alleys were also reproduced. Today Morrinho Project has an installation with about 400 square meters and 30 models representing Rio’s favelas in Rio. The location has become a tourist attraction for tourists, high school and university students, art curators, partners, artists, producers, etc. The Morrinho Project has become an artistic revolution and has gained national and international recognition.

My roll is this Live Tour will be to lead you through this Revolution!

Date: March 22, 2021
            10 PM Brazil time

How it works:
Language: English.
Duration: 50 / 60 minute-presentation. 10 minute-conversation session.
Conference call’ Software: Google Meet, Zoom, Jitsi Free APPs (to be informed)
Methodology: Live presentation of a short video and photos led by Tourist Guide Marcelo R.
Audience: Only people who have previously registered will be allowed to participate.

This is a Free Tour! However, feel free to contribute after the tour if you enjoy the experience. I will be glad to send you the details of my PayPal account.

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