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The VIRTUAL TOURISM IN BRAZIL PORTAL is a website where we gathered the best tour guides in the country to provide a virtual guiding experience with a live presentation with pictures, videos and most importantly with our history. As long the Covid-19 pandemic caused an unexpected social distancing we saw an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and learn ways to adapt in the internet world.


  • Apostolis K.
    Apostolis K.

    Since the age of 20, I have been looking for a way to promote the magnificent city of Ohrid to the world. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism in Greece, I returned in 2012 to fulfil my dream, and became a professional tour guide, proudly and generously presenting the magic that the town has to offer to the world. That very same dream encouraged me to open a tour agency, and nowadays, after many years of work and experience, being a tour guide has remained the biggest passion of all for me. Once more, I have the opportunity to present my magnificent town Ohrid to you, with the same enthusiasm that I had with my very first tour.

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  • Date: 09/09/2021
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Ohrid, North Macedonia


18 °C
Wind: 6 KPH
Humidity: 38 %
Feels like: 18 °C




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Ohrid Balkan’s hidden gem

Ohrid Balkan’s hidden gem:The city of Ohrid has quite a long history to offer. Located next to one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe, this place called “The Pearl of the Balkan” will astonish you with its amazing breathtaking views. Ohrid has witnessed the taste of Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine culture, the Ottoman Empire, but most of all, the influence of the Slavic migration, which is still present today. I will take you to the heart of the city, where you will see the fortress of the Tsar Samuel from the XI century. From there, you will have the best view of one of the largest and clearest natural tectonic lakes in Europe, the lake of Ohrid. We will visit the church of St. Clement (together with the archaeological excavation of the First Slavic university which is under restoration). Furthermore, I will take you to the oldest spot in the old city so far – the ancient theatre from the 2nd century B.C. a place of the legendary gladiator’s battles. We will continue through the narrow streets where I will present to you the classical Ohrid structure of houses and narrow streets, and we will see 2 unique workshops for handmade paper (an ancient technology from the 2nd century B.C. from China) as well as the workshop for handmade woodcrafts. I will show you the famous Ohrid Pearl and will tell you the secret how it’s made. It is going to be one unforgettable experience! Ohrid Balkan’s hidden gem

Note: The tour could be rescheduled due to weather conditions.Some places/areas may be inaccessible due to COVID-19 restrictions

Date: September 9th, 2021
Time: 12pm – Rio de Janeiro
          5pm Macedonian
          11pm NY
          4pm London
          5pm Paris/Berlim/Rome

Date: September 23th, 2021
Time: 11am – Rio de Janeiro
          4pm Macedonian
          10pm NY
          3pm London
          4pm Paris/Berlim/Rome

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